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Our Vision

Designer fashion brand that builds a future of sensibility for our customers. We bring high-end luxury fabrics with a taste of minimalism to our proud and rich customers.


  • Part of our mission ties to bring in eco-friendly clothing to the fashion world  that specifically focus on reducing the carbon footprint in our world.

  • The global fashion industry emits about 1.7 billion tons of CO2 per year. With 85% of un-recyclable clothes that are being put to waste with an approximate 12 million tons of clothing wastes yearly that adds a huge negative impact on the climate change of our world right now.

  • While our store also produces a lot synthetic made clothes, we also focus on being a part of the solution, by producing few eco-friendly recyclable fashion that helps the future of our planet. 

  • With every sale from our eco-friendly products, we help plant a tree and re-invest in making our brand more eco-friendly as we push the envelope of sustainability within fashion.

  • Our Nemês tree logo symbolizes our minimalistic luxury and the sustainability through the spirit of nature. We recommend our customers to support our eco-friendly mission by purchasing more eco-friendly products that help reduce the carbon footprint in the near future.


Nemês® is a trademarked fashion brand since 2019 that ​brings minimalism and luxury to your lifestyle 

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