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Nemês will be launching more Metaverse projects within the NFT space and the Web3 technology. Join us in the progress towards a better future of digital designs and functionality. We strive to keep our early NFT investors proud over the years.

Cybervamp NFTs

Unique NFT gothic skulls floating on the polygon Ethereum blockchain. The skull that you own reflects and represents your gothic spirit within the metaverse blockchain network. For all the cyber vamps out there, who love to earn passive income through their rare NFT skulls. Read more about how to earn on the home page of Cybervamp NFTs. 

Virtual Fashion NFTs 

In collaboration with reputed 3D animated artists to bring the frontier of virtual fashion clothing as NFTs and wearables on instagram filters and gaming platforms. Date for release: August of 2022, join our discord to get instant updates on trailer release.

Solana-based NFT

This project is specifically designed for all the Solana believers. More interesting things will be announced next month.

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